Azure receives HPCwire awards

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Only a few years ago, most people thought it was impossible to complete mainstream, high-performance computing tasks in the cloud. Nowadays, we see complete workflows related to fields like fluid dynamics, risk analysis, weather forecasting, deep learning, subsurface and seismic simulation, in addition to many new HPC use cases showing up in Azure every day.


HPCwire announced yesterday that Azure is the winner of the HPCwire Readers’ Choice Award and the Editors' Choice Award in the Best HPC in the Cloud Platform category. These awards, based on the nomination and votes of HPCwire’s international readership, are a great reminder that our commitment to HPC is having a real impact. The community recognizes that Azure provides one cloud for every workload, and we’re excited to continue offering the specialized products and services that our customers need.




Read about it in the Azure blog.

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