Azure PowerShell help - RM cmdlets vs non RM cmdlets (Specifically WebApps)

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Hi All,


Hope you can help, im in the process of studying for 70-533 and the microsoft press book has confused me a little due to the age of it (I know there is a new one coming).


Im working through the WebApps section or Websites as the book refers to it and all of the cmdlets do not contain 'rm' as all of the new ones now do with the latest version of the Azure PowerShell Module. 


My question is how do i find the equivilant rm cmdlet or do i continue to use the old cmdlets as they all still seem to work. For instance:


For a new website the book states the following sample:


$wsLocation = "West US"

$wsName = "Contoso-web"

New-AzureWebsite -location $wsLocation -name $wsName


The equivilant cmdlet seems to be New-AzureRMWebApp to complete similar functions. This is a simple one, however theres others where i can seem to find an equivilant / alternate method. For instance:


For publishing a web deployment package using powershell the book sample is:


$pkgpath = "E:\"

Publish-AzureWebsiteProject -Name $wsName -Slot -$wsStaging -package $kgpath


Is this because there isnt an equivilant and this is still the method to use or am i really missing something?


Im concerned that im tieing myself in knots using the old press book, im only 6 pages in!


Any help would be really appreciated.




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Looks like this has been answered previously on MSDN forums.


If anyone stumbles across this in the future, the answer can be found here: