Azure PowerShell for Service Management


I have "classic" VMs in Azure and scripts that I used to manage them. I have not needed to use the scripts for quite some time.


I am attempting to use the scripts now, in what I know is "Service Management" mode. The documentation details how to download and install the cmdlets. Having done so (version 3.4.0), I get an error when running Add-AzureAccount.


I get prompted to login (with MFA as I expect), but the cmdlet reports an errror:


add-azureaccount : No subscriptions are associated with the logged in account in Azure Service Management (RDFE). This
means that the logged in user is not an administrator or co-administrator for any account.\r\nDid you mean to execute



Using the same account in the portal (and the "classic" portal) works just fine. And I confirmed that I am a co-administrator for the subscription. Has anyone had success using the Service Management cmdlets

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Great question. We're looking into this and will try to get an answer for you.

I still just did today. With MFA as well. I had problems using a Microsoft account (live ID) but with an AAD account it just works. Don't use "-Credentials $cred". This didn't work as well.

There is the subscription level (settings -> administrators) and the AAD settings you should check for sufficient permissions.