Azure Networking updates for Fall 2017

Community Manager

At September’s Ignite 2017, our announcements focused on the fundamental pillars of security, performance, monitoring, connectivity, and availability. At Ignite we learned from thousands of customers building sophisticated virtual networks to support their mission critical applications. We’ve enhanced our services putting a special emphasis on simplifying their management. We continue to expand the regions where the new offerings are available. Here is a short summary with more details below.

  • Vnet Service Endpoints preview in all public regions
  • DDoS protection now in US, Europe, and Asia regions
  • Service Tags Preview in all public regions
  • Application Security Groups Augmented Rules Preview in all public regions
  • Data Plane Developer Kit now in Preview
  • Network Performance Monitor for ExpressRoute Preview
  • Azure Monitor and Resource Health for ExpressRoute GA
  • Traffic View visualizations in Portal
  • Point-to-Site VPN for Macs and AD Authentication GA
  • Azure DNS CAA Records and IPv6 support GA


Read about it in the Azure blog.

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