Azure making IoT compliance easy

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Now announcing the release of a whitepaper which emphasizes Microsoft’s leadership in customer advocacy, privacy protection, and unique data residency commitments. Moreover, the heart of this whitepaper is compliance in relationship to the Internet of Things (IoT); an exploding industry and ever-present technology in our society.


At Microsoft, developing secure software is part of our DNA, rooted in decades of experience in developing secure software. This new whitepaper brings that experience to bear on how to think of an IoT solution. Compliance and privacy officers can download this paper (Microsoft Azure and Data Compliance in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT)) for guidance on how to use the capabilities built into the Azure IoT platform to achieve their governance goals. The paper describes how Microsoft addresses key security, privacy, and compliance principles in Azure, breaks down Azure’s IoT features, and provides recommendations for how customers can achieve a high level of security and data compliance in their IoT environment.




Read about it on the Azure blog.

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