Azure Linux VM, with OS showing as Windows in portal

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I have a Linux VM in Azure.
The OS shows as Windows and not Linux.
I noticed this when trying to reset password. This didn't work, then I noticed the SSH key box was missing.
So my two concerns are now, how do I reset the password and am I being charged for a Windows license as part of the subscription, as Linux VMs are cheaper.
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Hi Paul,


how long you have been using this VM?, when was this happen? How many Resounce Grop have you created? 



Sunit Patil

I had an existing Linux VM on Azure in a different part of the world.
I had to remove the VM and move the VHD, then create a new VM in PowerShell. One of the PowerShell switches allows you to specify the type (Windows/Linux).
The VM created, boot perfectly fine - it's just azure 'thinks' it's a windows machine (even though I chose Linux)
I think in this case you need to connect with Azure Support only,
That was my worry,
I just think 200 quid for support is a bit extreme :(

Cheers anyway

could you supply the command you used to recreate the VM ?