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Hi all,

I'm trying to onboard a tenancy utilising ARM templates using the cli Azure cli. Additionally, I have tried using the PowerShell with cli plugin also but receiving deprecated errors.

When using the Azure CLI documented ion the below URL when logged in to the Azure environment I'm receiving the following error:

"This command has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Use 'deployment sub list' instead".


After changing the syntax I'm still encountering issues. Does anyone know if the syntax for deploying ARM templates has changed?


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@arran1580 I only use PowerShell via an Automation Account (I redeploy daily, so I can make changes in one location and the new Lighthouse config gets distributed to 200+ subscriptions), and this comes in my warnings screen as well:


6/11/2020, 3:07:08 AM
Breaking changes in the cmdlet 'New-AzDeployment' :
6/11/2020, 3:07:08 AM
- The cmdlet 'New-AzSubscriptionDeployment' is replacing this cmdlet.


So could you try your ARM template using New-AzSubscriptionDeployment ?