Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) - Shared Storage on Linux Containers

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We are working with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and need a shared storage that several Linux Containers can use. Using Azure Files gives us a shared storage with use of the SMB protocol. But our experience is that this is not optimized for Linux Containers. The "Azure Files" gives us a "windows filesystem" that our linux containers (running drupal) do not like to talk with - Character & directory mismatch.


Have we done anything wrong configuring this Shares Storage? How can we get a AKS Shared Storage that is optimized to use with linux containers. Currently we are looking on Amazon S3 to get this working, but having Azure AKS with Amazon S3 is not a good design.


Br. Rune

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Hi Rune


I am one of the PMs on Azure Files team and I would love to chat with you to understand your needs for Shared storage for AKS better. Could you please reach out to me on rena [dot] shah  [at] microsoft ?


Thank You

Rena Shah