Azure IoT Suite adds device management capability updates


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Today, Microsoft added these device management features to the Azure IoT Suite remote monitoring preconfigured solution. The Azure IoT Suite simplifies deploying and orchestrating advanced services to give businesses a complete IoT solution from proof of concept to broader deployment.

With new device management functionality in Azure IoT Suite, developers will be able to quickly move beyond telemetry processing, rule management, and visualization to customize their device overview, queries and device lists. These enhancements include:


  • Synchronizing settings and metadata between the cloud and devices using device twins.
  • Performing an action on a connected device through the cloud using direct methods.
  • Broadcasting and orchestrating operations on multiple devices at a planned time through jobs.
  • Attesting the status and health for on or offline device collections using real-time, dynamic queries across device twins and jobs.

More information here on the Azure Blogpost


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