Azure Files - shared folders between the US and Europe


Hello Guys,


I'm a beginner with Azure solutions, and I'm working on a project to replace a NAS platform. For now, I'm thinking on using Azure Files to do so. However, there will be users in Europe and in the US. Both of them will have to access the same repository for their jobs. Therefore, I have a concern regarding network latency. It would be better to have a platform for each population, but it's not possible in my case study.
So, I'm wondering : am I worrying over nothing ? is this use case natively covered by Azure platforms ?

Or do I have to search for another solutions like keeping on-premise servers on one site (in the US for example) ?  with AzureFileSync to ensure the freshness of the data ?

Any ideas and thanks in advance

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I looked into Azure Files but some of the limits, such as no AD NTFS integration was a show stopper for us.   If latency is a concern, take a look at Azure File Sync.  Azure File Sync will cache a copy of the file locally, overcoming the latency issue.  It also supports NTFS ACLs.  The Azure Data Box has some interesting products coming also, such as the Azure Data Box Gateway.  I haven’t looked deep into that product, but it may do what you need.  It’s not GA however.

Thank you very much for your feedback. I will look into Azure Data Box Gateway. I didn't have this product under my radar.

However, I have a question : what do you mean exactly when you say there is no AD NTFS integration in Azure Files ? In the FAQ, they say it doesn't work when NTFS ACLs are set by Azure File Sync. At least, I hope you can put personnalized permissions on repositories ... especially with the integration of this product with Azure AD.

Thanks in advance