Azure File Sync issue missing file(s) on other site when in use

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Hi I'm new here and I was hoping someone can help us with our problem.


We have setup and testing Azure file sync for 2 sites (Site A and B) and everything is working and syncing fine until for some reason whenever a file (.dwg) is being use and model on site B, the same file will be missing on site A (vice-versa). The only way for the file(s) to re-appear again is to close the file, wait for few minutes, and it will show again to the other site. Does this happened to other people as well?


Just an update to this issue, we did a lot of testing and found out that it's happening randomly. Sometimes the file will not disappear on the other site and sometimes it does.


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Can you please check here and let me know if this is ok for you.

Please let me know if the problem is solved.


Hi @MAN 


Thanks for replying to my post. I've checked the link that you've send and it doesn't really help us to solve the issue. We've managed to contact Microsoft support regarding this matter and still waiting for their response/fix. I'll update this thread if they've managed to find a proper solution.