Azure File Share - NTFS Permission Extremely Slow

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Recently moved file server data to Azure File Share. No issue with mapping, opening files. The issue is when managing the permission. When updating/adding NTFS permission per folder, it is EXTREMELY slow. Any advise or workaround that you could share please.


Thank you.


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Hi.. do you have some infos about sku and network connections?
Storage account is StorageV2 (general purpose v2).
Using private endpoint via VPN gateway vpngw1.
I assume that your SA is member of your local AD? So need access to a domain controller as well to dns? any FW between?, DNS is working?...
yes, it has access to DC. DNS is working.
No FW.
Yes, i went with this. So far the multi-threaded copy channel is what we are eyeing. The rest are not applicable. Not sure if you noticed in Cause 1, the metrics in Azure Storage has been changed and the response types are not available anymore.