Azure file level restore

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I am trying to perform a file level restore on vm by mounting the snapshot using the script and password provided in the Azure portal.


However, after pasting or typing the password nothing happens. The snapshot isn't mounted and there are no errors.


Anyone had this before?

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Hi @mattps,


Yes, i did it several times and it worked perfectly.

Have you been trying it on another PC?


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Hi Peter,


I managed to get it working. I think the issue was that my local PC, where I was attempting to run the script is on a different domain (albeit trusted).

The Azure hosted server where I was trying to run it also was pending some Windows updates. As soon as the server was rebooted to apply those updates the PowerShell windows opened up during the restore process and I was able to mount the drives.


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Hi @matt_p_s,


Perfect and good luck! :)


Kind Regards, Peter