Azure Event Grid Partner (for Graph API)

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Full story: I wanna use Azure Event grid to subscript to Graph changes (specific - teams message creations/updates).


If I understand it correctly, I have to create a Microsoft Graph API Partner Topic. Or as it's stated in the documentation -> I have to Authorize Microsoft Graph API to create a partne...

My problem is, if I'm following this documentation here: Azure Event Grid - Subscribe to partner events - Azure Event Grid | Microsoft Learn I have no idea w...




I would appreciate your help to setup such an Event Grid Topic a lot. Thanks in advance.

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1) You need to Authorize Graph API partner by creating a partner configuration and adding a partner authorization with partner registration id "c02e0126-707c-436d-b6a1-175d2748fb58":
2) You need to then "Enable Microsoft Graph API events to flow to your partner topic" by following:
3) Once you see that partner topic is created, after step 2 activate it.

Do I have to add the partner authorization only with the Partner Registration ID: c02e0126...


It's not necessary for the Azure Team to whitelist anything for that step right?


@Thomsch , Make sure your partner configuration is created under same subscription and resource group where you want your Graph related partner topic to be created. Then you need to add partner authorization for partner Id associated with Graph i.e. c02e0126-707c-436d-b6a1-175d2748fb58 under this partner configuration and then you are good to follow next steps. 

I did that. Feels pretty weird for me that you have to select "non verified partner"?! And also that this partner authorization is listed as "Unknown"... But I guess that's correct?!
I believe Event Grid need to add Graph in the list of verified partners. But for now, you have to use "non verified partner" mode.

@PPG thanks. Good to hear that I'm on the right track. Just waiting for the whitelist of my App from the Azure team.