Azure Event Grid now supports Event Hubs as a destination

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Azure Event Grid was introduced in August 2017 as the eventing backplane for Azure and beyond. It underpins many of our goals, and much of our vision for Serverless cloud computing. One of the core concepts of Azure Event Grid is making the cloud broadly reactive and introducing concepts that are familiar with reactive frameworks and models. In doing this, we have made Azure Event Grid a push based system that notifies you when events occur. While this push concept is central to the reactive architecture, there are times when receiving a webhook may present challenges, particularly at scale. For this reason we have introduced Event Hubs as a new subscription endpoint type available for Azure Event Grid.


Today, this feature is available via the CLI by using the --endpoint-type parameter and specifying eventhub instead of the default webhook. When using this option, you specify the endpoint as the Azure Resource Manager path of the Event Hub you want to send the events to. Assuming you already have an Event Hub, you can get this resource path and navigate to your Event Hub in the portal. You can also copy the path out of the URL, or you can list the resource using the CLI commands shown below.




Read about it in the Azure blog.

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