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In azure I try to make a dynamic group as I need to filter out Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 plus


So I make a dynamic group which property "devicemodel" and match "iphone 6". But lot´s of other iphone models are in in. Then I have tried instead match with equals, but still Iphone 6s are listed in that group.


Is there not somehow a way that the dynamic group EXACT take the word Iphone 6, so other models are not included. Thought match should be it, but that catches a lot of other devices also

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@rossonero Just tested this (with iPads rather than iPhones) and if I say device.deviceModel -eq "iPad Air 2" it only brings the Air 2's up. So I would have thought the rule you need is

device.deviceModel -eq "iPhone 6".


"Match" will get ones which are similar, so "iPhone 6S" and "iPhone 6666666" all match "iPhone 6".


You can click on Validate Rules and add the devices you want to check to see if they'll be in the group or not. If you've changed from Match to Equals it takes quite a while before it re-evaluates the membership.


If I go to intune and do a export of all devices and then filter them by Model and iphone 6 I have 66 devices

If I do a dynamic group like device.deviceModel -eq "iPhone 6" - it finds 300 devices. So something is wrong somehow

just tried to pick a random in the dynamic group that should show Iphone 6. One of them is a Iphone 11 ?!!? - does not make sense why this model shows up

Think I now what the issue now is. When I check in the dynamic group the name of the device and which OS it shows fx 12.5.1. If I look up the same device name in intune it rapport a different phone and latest OS.

So somehow it is also all the retired devices that the user had before that the dynamic group rapports.

@rossonero So what does the dynamic group look like? Is it literally just this?


and if you go onto "Validate Rules" and put in the devices that appear in the group but shouldn't like the iPhone 11, does it think they are meant to be in the group?


I can't see any reason it'd include someone's old devices unless it's a complicated device query with something hidden in there causing the old devices to validate.