Azure DNS - Feature request for DNSSEC support



I am not sure is this good place where to submit feature request.
I am using a lot service "Azure DNS" and I hope that Microsoft will implement new feature / support for DNSSEC. Where to submit this feature request and hope for progress / response?


FAQ - Azure DNS | Microsoft Docs

> Does Azure DNS support DNSSEC?

> No. Azure DNS doesn't currently support the Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC).

The DNSSEC feature is tracked in the Azure DNS backlog. Use the feedback site to register your support for this feature.

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DNSSEC support in Azure DNS will come as it is a requirement for Microsofts own plans to provide DANE/TLSA support for inbound e-mail in Exchange Online:

However, they seem to face major delays here (probably due to Corona virus) as their original plan was to enable DANE for outbound e-mails by the end of 2020 already (current plan is end of 2021:

I suspect that DNSSEC in Azure DNS will need at least another 6 month afterwards and services like DANE for inbound e-mail in Exchange Online yet another 6-12 month.


That being said, you might be lucky to see Azure DNS with DNSSEC support mid of 2022 (just my own opinion, I could be totally wrong here as well).