Azure devops takes hours to show a new resource created in azure portal?

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After creating any resource in azure portal, Azure devops takes hours to highlight it in Service connection section. Due to this we are unable to create connection with the resources.


For eg. I have created Azure container registry 2 hours back and still it is showing as no registries found while creating a new service connection



Is there any way to speed up this process as it is disastrously impacting the productivity. 



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Hello @tanulbhasin,

I just tried on my side and the ACR is instantaneously available into the ADO Service Connection.

I checked on the Status page for ADO ( and on Azure ( and it seems that there were no issue on that point.

Which service tier did you chose, because it might be related to the Premium tier with the Availability Zones feature that is currently in Prevew.

You should try to deploy a Service Bus to check if you encounter the same behavior by creating a Service Connection through Azure Service Bus.

Alos, have you the possibility to try with an ACR hosted into another region to see if it work?

Let us know.
I dont know it still not showing for me. I am using the basic tier of ACR created in East US and running everything in my visual studio professional subscription.
Try with Azure Service Bus.
Did you try in another region? subscription?

ACR is created manually?

I have only one subscription with monthly 50$ for my personal use. I have created a new ACR in west europe. Still no luck. Yesterday, it was working fine. It came instantly. But I dont know what happened today. 


Yes, created it manually using Azure portal. 

Is this because of visual studio subscription. My whole day wasted.. I need to spend weekends now.. I dont know why ADO doesn't show the service connections... This happens with me multiple times
Maybe you can try to create a free subscription just to validate if the root cause of your issue is related to your VS subscription or not.
The ACR service is free, but you have to provide CB information in order to create the subscription.

Let us know.