Azure DevOps Server API - Create Pipeline is Non functional

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The azure devops server API allows creation of a Pipeline:


If you follow this link, you likely want to start from an existing pipeline object, so I did that. Easy enough, query a pipeline by ID, and then look to call the one above. You'll hit an error saying you need to specify a repoName, that it's null. Ok, not sure why, it's got an ID, but that works. This probably should just be added to the documentation. Not a huge deal.

$pipelineObj.configuration.repository | Add-Member -NotePropertyName name -NotePropertyValue $reposName


The real issue is my need is that i want to back up my pipeline from one server to the other. I can easily update the repository ID to match the target server, no problem, that all works for a regular pipeline. But I have some pipelines that don't have their YAML files on the default branch (typically named master). For those, every time i try to create it on the destination,  I get the following error (redacted):


Invoke-RestMethod : {"$id":"1","innerException":null,"message":"File /<FILENAME> not found in 
repository <SERVER NAME>/_git/<REPO NAME> branch 
refs/heads/master version <COMMIT ID>.","typeName":"Microsoft.TeamFoundation.DistributedTa
sk.Pipelines.YamlFileNotFoundException, Microsoft.TeamFoundation.DistributedTask.Pipelines.Yaml","typeKey":"YamlFileNot


There is no conceivable way to inform the creation statement that I know this to be the case, and i want to check a specific branch. There's a pipeline default branch functionality -> you can set that, but it has no effect. It's still checking the repository default branch and failing if the file doesn't exist:

$pipelineObj.configuration.repository | Add-Member -NotePropertyName defaultBranch -NotePropertyValue $defaultBranch


Any idea why this restriction is there and how to bypass it?




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