Azure Devops Newbie Question

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Hi all, 


I am setting up a test project with Agile process type and I am looking to view Epics, Features, User Stories and Tasks all within the same board however I am struggling with this one. 


If I set everything up on the backlog view I can expand them out and see everything fine. However when I select "View as Board" I dont get the view I am looking for (or maybe it is just not possible?).


Within the boards views, on the right side I have the option to view Epics, Features and User stories but I can only select one at a time.  If I select Epics I see Epics and Features. If I select Features I see Features and User Stories and if I select User Stories I see User Stories and Tasks. Is there a way to see all of them in one single view within the board?


Any ideas are most welcome! 



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