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Hi Team,


I'd appreciate any recommendations of a tool or tools to help migrate ADO content from one organisation to another. Think Company A bought Company B, and they are both heavy users of ADO, and want to consolidate.






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Hey Jo. I am Maria, part of ZigiWave, the company behind the no-code integration tool ZigiOps. We do support one-time migration projects such as yours. You can go here to book a meeting with our experts and understand how we can help you. (external link removed by moderator - feel free to private message them instead)

Thanks for responding and helping out here! We did have to remove your external link as we don't allow third-party links/advertising as per our code of conduct, but they can feel free to private message you directly to ask more about your services.

@JoVuon we have the same requirement. Have you completed your migration? What approach did you follow and what tools did you use? It would be nice if you could share some information.