Azure Devops Integration with Servicenow

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I am integrating Azure Devops with ServiceNow.


Is it possible to integrate Project Task (pm_project_task) in ServiceNow with Task in Azure Devops in Basic Project.


As i am able to send the task from ADO to ServiceNow but not from ServiceNow to ADO.


Any possible solution? 

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Hello Shubham970,

Regarding connectivity with Azure, it will probably be necessary to create it bi-directionally. I did it for alerting and via webhook. This should be the solution for your study.

I wish you a good day

Nicolas Leduc
I tried to connect it bi-directionally but i am only able to push the task from Azure Devops to Servicenow.
But not able to push it from ServiceNow to ADO.
I have registered the web hooks also its working unidirectionally for (Project task in Servicenow)

Similarly I have tried for (Scrum Task in ServiceNow its working fine bi-directionally).



Seems yes, I find some document related to the integration:


Use the ServiceNow DevOps extension for Azure DevOps





A bidirectional sync between ADO and SNOW is a big challenge. I encourage you to have a look at Exalate, you will see that it will be perfect for this use-case. You can get the pm_project_task in snow and syncronize it with task in ADO.


What sets it apart is the ability to finely control what information you send to the other side and how you apply received data

Hi Shubham - I used Unito ( recently and it was really easy to set-up and provided the depth / customization I needed for a bi-directional sync between ADO and SNOW. Might be an interesting one to check out.