Azure DevOps Board Test Case Steps area limited rows

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Couple of weeks ago there were an updates to the Board, after that my Test Case Step view area is limited to 5 rows at a time. To review the test cases with the team members, we need to scroll up or down several times. Which not convenient if reviewed by multiple people in a meeting.


Can i revert to the previous state and enjoy full page capabilities.



Mohammad Kishor

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Software test engineers in my organization also highly annoyed by this restriction. Please make sure that steps section can be resized to the bigger size.


I'm in the same situation.

The fix: disable 'New Boards Hubs' setting in Preview Feature in Azure. Click on Azure settings in the right top corner and select "Preview Features". Uncheck "New Board Hubs"




@Alexandra_Taratutin It worked for me... That's very cool... Thank you for your help.