Azure DevOps billing - 5 free basic users per organisation or per-subscription

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I want to confirm that 5 free Basic users allowed within an Azure DevOps Organisation are calculated at subscription level. E.g., Consider a company Contoso has two Organisations - Contoso Manufacturing and Contoso R&D. Both these organisations are using the same Azure subscription for billing. This means total number of free users allowed for Contoso is 5 and not 10 - 5 for each DevOps organisation.


If a different billing subscription is used with each DevOps organisation then total free users will be 10, 5 for Azure subscription associated with Manufacturing and 5 for subscription linked to R&D.

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A part of the answers are here:

The question you asked is related to User License and as presented only first 5 licenses are free of charge in basic mode, stakeholders are always free of charge
You have some details here:
Hmmm...Doesn't quite answer it? Consider below scenario:

5 Organizations connected to same Azure AD tenant and same Azure subscription for billing. Now, does total number of free Basic users is 25 users i.e. 5 users free per-organization. Or total number of free users is 5 based on a single azure subscription.
Billing is based on tenant basis. you cannot achieve 5 users (Basic Scope access) per subscriptions