Azure DevOps accounts list returning blank through rest api

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I'm trying to fetch accounts associated with auzre devops user using rest Api. I'm using this endpoint: GET{memberId}&api-version=7.0 and passing OAuth access token in authorization header "Bearer <OAuth Access Token>". This request is executing fine with status code "OK", but in response it's returning "{"count":0,"value":[]}".


The member id I'm passing to above request is a part of one organization and is a member of contributor group for two projects under that organization. Not sure why I'm not getting that organization info in the response.


The azure devops url is


Can anyone help me to figure out the issue here? Really appreciated for the help



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@kunalKDev I'm having the same issue. Did you find any solution to this?

Same issue. The same code works for 99% of users but 1% get empty account lists. So definitely problem on the Azure side. Tried to work through their ticket system, but it's impossible because the problem is not reproducible with a few clicks.