Azure dashboard is not getting updated with new time range when pinned from workbook

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Hi all,

I want to visualize some data on a map and thereby I used a workbook. I have not set the time range in the query since the time range should be configurable in the dashboard. After pinning the particular tile to the dashboard, the map would not get updated when the time range is changed. When I change the time range in the workbook it worked as expected though.

Please find the Kusto query that I tried in the workbook:

let mainTable = union customEvents
    | extend name =replace("\n", "", name)
    | where iif('*' in ("*"), 1 == 1, name in ("*"))
    | where true;
let queryTable = mainTable;
let cohortedTable = queryTable
    | extend dimension = client_CountryOrRegion
    | extend dimension = iif(isempty(dimension), "<undefined>", dimension)
    | summarize hll = hll(itemId) by tostring(dimension)
    | extend Events = dcount_hll(hll)
    | order by Events desc
    | serialize rank = row_number()
    | extend dimension = iff(rank > 5, 'Other', dimension)
    | summarize merged = hll_merge(hll) by tostring(dimension)
    | project ['Country or region'] = dimension, Counts = dcount_hll(merged);

Your input on this would be highly helpful for me. Thank you!

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