Azure Blockchain Workbench vs Project Bletchley

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I was wondering how Azure Blockchain Workbench (ABW) relates to Project Bletchley as described here


Does it supersede project Bletchley or is it part of it? With Cryptlets being a major part of the Bletchley whitepaper and not seeing any of that in ABW it seems ABW is not part of Bletchley. Also, Bletchley not mentioning anything about a workbench anywhere.


Would be useful to know the relation between the two. Developments go with the speed of light in this domain and it would be shame to focus on something that is not current anymore.




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Bletchley was the code name for our Microsoft blockchain work. We are no longer using that code name. Instead, we are developing services and capabilities and releasing those to folks. Workbench is our first big push (since we launched a bunch of blockchain network template solutions). We are still working on Cryptlets and some other Enterprise Smart Contract functionality. Expect to see some of those capabilities soon.