Azure Blockchain Workbench - Test environment?

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I'm really interested in building on Azure's Blockchain but I don't seem to see any details about dev environments or pricing plans. I did read a figure of $400-500 p/m on another post but that's not really feasible for me. Is there a 'test' or 'free' tier/way of accessing this tech?



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@scgough I had the same problem and used the following steps to reduce my cost running my development blockchain.

1) Select a lower tier VMSS for the two scale sets that Blockchain Workbench creates.
2) Power off VMSS when not using.

3) Select a lower tier app service plan.
4) Run the BWB in a dev/test Azure resource group. 

Depending on use the cost can be between $50-$200/mo.





Thanks for sharing this request - we track at - please share your feedback there as well. We are looking into building out a more cost friendly version for testing purposes. 


In the meantime, you can modify your resources to use lower tier options.