Azure Blockchain Workbench Hotfix (version 1.3.2) available

Hi Everyone, this morning we released a hotfix to the Azure Blockchain Workbench solution bringing it to version 1.3.2.  We are working on releasing an upgrade script and will notify here when that is posted.  If you would like to use the new version, please deploy from the Azure Marketpalce.
Release notes:

This hotfix addresses an issue where in some cases Workbench stops processing contract creation and actions where you would see the message “Something went wrong. Please contact your admin.” and these do not complete or take a very long time to complete.  To pickup the fix, please redeploy Workbench.  Details of the issue and fix below.


Certain impairments to workbench or its dependencies can cause it to fall behind on reading blockchain ledger activity and in some cases it is unable to recover.  The probability of this happening is low but several customers have encountered this issue recently.  The hotfix speeds up recovery time of Workbench significantly (~30 blocks/min) and should prevent the system from falling into an unrecoverable state.

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Good to know there is an update for this. I did not wanted to loose all the users I have assigned to the current workbench but it appears there is no other option than to recreate right now. 


In case you can use it, I have added more information on the issue created on Github.

Thanks Guillermo. We are working on the upgrade option, once it is available it will be published on our github here: 



I recreated the Blockchain Workbench with version 1.3.2 and initially everything was working fine. 


I deployed one of the sample application "Digital Locker" and on the second step of the workflow a similar error is happening.


Message: This is taking longer than expected, Contact your administrator...

See the activity section. 




Looking for errors in App Insights, the same error that version 1.3 had is reappearing.

Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.Block' with unique index 'Block_BlockHash'. The duplicate key value is (0xe74a9c372898b1c4fdcb2eb354fcff22148c30aa5b97b85124d6df132abc5517). The statement has been terminated.
Problem Id:System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException at Dapper.SqlMapper+<ExecuteImplAsync>d__37.MoveNext