Azure Blockchain workbench API is not returning list of applications

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Dear Blockchain gurus,


We followed below link to create Azure Blockchain workbench infrastructure.


Created default sample application following steps as mentioned.


Granted permissions as mentioned on above links. However as mentioned by Microsoft about APIs on following link: giving us 401 error.


We try to use built-in swagger URL but no luck as well as following examples of AUTH. &

But no luck so far to after getting authentication token but workbench gateway API is unaccusable.


We would suggest to create your own workbench application following above steps which will not take more than 2 hours and try to access API using swagger. Otherwise we can share with you our subscription and deployment details.


Please find attached, which have 401 authorization error’s source code (Client Code).

Please let me know if conference call is needed to explain further.

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Thanks Zeyad, attached error occurred while accessing link. 


Documentation appears incomplete for


Its states: Navigate to this directory and run the following commands:


npm install
npm start

What directory is it referring to?  It does the same statement for the Option 2 Docker install. Thanks.

Hi there,

You need to navigate to `bearer-token-retrieval` folder. The relative path is `blockchain/blockchain-workbench/auth-samples/bearer-token-retrieval`

Dear All,


Thank you so much for you kind replies. We are able to sort out this issue by our own previous experience with APIs management in Azure. 



Someone from Microsoft on the issue we faced and he informed us that the failure we experienced was most likely caused by the instance type we selected (We went with a D-Series Low End VM last time), the current deployment is running an F-Series Instance (Optimized for CPU Performance) as he indicated that Blockchain is CPU intensive and should have an F Series VM.



Could you please share how you solved your problem as I am getting the same issue. I have ensured that the bearer token is obtained and used but keep getting error 401.


Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the detailed post!

Thanks for sharing the article. 

@Zeyad Rajabi: Bearer-token-retrieval is intended to use during development phase, while the solution that @Waqas Chaudhry have published is what we are using in production app. Moreover, I would like to request @blockchain to enable support for service to service token retrieval as well in WorkBench Resulful API, because in some scenarios we needed this.