Azure Blob storage - use to save Windows Server Backup files

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I would like to have a cloud based server backup storage implemented via


Server Backup - save files to a given directory (from any of my servers)

Use Microsoft Azure Explorer to copy the files into an Azure Blob Cool storage account (or via any other method if required - but I prefer a GUI method instead of a command line one).


I tried the above, but I get errors, about blob types not supported.


Is there any way to do this easily - and have the data accesible for restore (copy back to a directory) in case of a catastrophic failure that prevents me from using my local backups (I would do the online backups once a month or so, and use them as a tertiary level backup).


Thanks for any help


Robert S.

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Do you want to manual back up the server every time ?

Yes - until my Acronis backup is up and running again

When you upload using Microsoft Azure storage explorer, you can choose the data type.

Make sure it is set to Block blob, and remove the convert vhd to page blob.

Thanks - I am trying this now. I am actually copying the vhdx files from the hyper V storage locations. Question though. is a snapshot created as the copy process starts, or are the copies going to be corrupted, as the VMs are running. Thanks for any help
I would export the vm from the hyper-v manager