Azure blob storage transactions

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We are looking to move our document imaging to Azure Blob storage and I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the billing.


Monthly, we process & store around 8 million documents but the average file size is pretty tiny so this adds up to only around 230GB.


Using the "Cool" tier for storage on the pricing calculator, write operations are $0.20 per 10,000 transactions which, using 8 million docs as my number of transactions, works out to $160/month just for transactions?  The monthly storage cost for 230GB is only $9 but it costs $160 to put the data up there?  Is that right?

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What do Transactions mean in Azure Blob Storage Pricing ?


sometimes it’s quite hard to calculate the real storage cost.
During the planing phase, I always combine Hot and Cool Storage technology with the Azure Lifecycle solution (

Cool storage accounts are cheaper for long term data savings but not so cheap for transactions.
It’s depends on your Application what you have to use.