Azure Backup Server on prem online recovery points not showing in Recovery

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Hi, we are testing the Azure Backup server and currently backing up a VM locally and online daily. Jobs for both are completing fine in monitoring but when we go to "Recovery we can only see the initial online restore point and all the onsite restore points, all daily recovery points are not showing so unable to test a restore. As mentioned the jobs appear to be running with out error?


Any ideas we have re-registered the server and all the obvious stuff but still unable to see the online recovery points either in the MABS client or in the Azure portal.

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There is a bug in DPM/MABS which could be related to your problem whereby it won't show you the online recovery point until you actually click on the server itself in the main view (not the left tree view).

Try to:

  • Click on the recovery tab
  • In the tree view on the left side, expand to the VM you'd like to restore, but select the "All protected HyperV Data" above the server instead of the server itself (on the left side)
  • You'll then see the VM name in the main pane (right side). Double-click on the VM itself. You should then see, under the "Recover from" section the following message "Querying online recovery point".
  • When this message disappears, you should see the online recovery points in the calendar


Hope the above makes sense and is helpful,

The "Bug" is still there... very bad... because i riddled for many hours, where to see the "online recovery points". They are not shown in the calendar.

After following the step-by-step instructions from Stephane it works now.

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