Azure Backup Server + Hyper-V + Linux VM + Storage Snapshot + Backup from Azure Cloud to on prem

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Hi there, I need some help on the following questions: 


1. Do I need to install backup agent at the Hyper-V host in order to manage it? Or by default Azure backup server will be able to manage Hyper-V host without any agent installed?


2. I can see my Hyper-V host and the Windows guest VM, but not Linux VM. The integration pkg for the Linux VM is installed but cannot see the Linux VM to configure protection group.


3. Is that a way I can leverage hardware storage (aka storage snapshot) as the backup data source instead of the backup server reading the data from my production volume(s)? If this is possible, please advise how to do it either via powershell scripts or other method.


4. Is it possible to backup my Azure data from the cloud back to my on-prem backup storage? Imagine most of my workloads are running in the cloud but i need to backup a copy of my online production data back to on-prem.

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