Azure Backup Server/DPM Online Retention

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The time has come to review my backup strategy.  I have Microsoft Azure Backup Server configured and protecting my data.


I've been trying to find information on the online retention period for Azure Backup Server, but I can't find the information I'm looking for and I'm hoping someone can clear up my confusion.  Hopefully I don't sound too stupid.


My configuration backing up my files daily, I retain my daily backups for a month, then weekly backups for 6 months, monthly backups for 2 years, and annual backups for 10 years.


My question is if a file/folder is deleted during the year, can I restore it from the annual backup, or does the annual backup only provide a snapshot of my files on the day the backup was taken?


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I dont think so your annual backup will help you need to find the exact backup based on the date it was given as an example if your annual backup was taken on 31 Dec 2022 and next annual backup scheduled at 31 dec 2023 and in the middle you delete files (march) then you have to recover either from daily or monthly backup
I hope I got your question correctly