Azure Backup's cloud-first approach to backup and why it matters


Backup is all about how quickly you can be back up from a disaster or data loss situation. Azure Backup's cloud-first approach helps you be back up quickly and securely.
Backup is a deeply entrenched market and companies generally tend to stick with their backup solution unless there are major shifts in the IT infrastructure. When such a shift occurs, companies are open to evaluating alternate backup solutions that offer significant value tied to that infrastructure shift. Virtualization was a hardware infrastructure inflection that happened in the 2000s that allowed companies to significantly reduce their IT costs with the consolidation and portability benefits offered by virtualization. It also allowed new backup players to emerge and the ones that delivered significant value tied to virtualization became successful. The infrastructure inflection currently underway is the shift to the public cloud and Azure Backup has taken a cloud-first approach to deliver maximum value for backup scenarios in a cloud-transformed IT environment.
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A cloud First Backup Solution Architecture is Great to start with but a Seconde approach is Hybrid ofcourse for Enterprises. Companies have Backup Solutions On-premisses like Microsoft System Center Data protection Manager (DPM) and they like to integrade with DPM to Azure Backup Vault.

Microsoft Azure Backup Solution is Awesome with Backup as a Service (BaaS)

For New Startup companies I advice Azure Backup as a Service Cloud based.


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There are still Awesome solutions to come like Backup for Office 365 Data Off-Site for long Time protection for Example. ( User-Voice Call ) Some Data in the Cloud has to be protected by LAW for 7 years in the Netherlands.
And that's why Hybrid Cloud Backup is important to get your data to an Off-site location.


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