Azure Backup / Recovery services Vault which Zone in LRS deployment

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Hello Guys,

please can anybody give me an answer in which zone is RecoveryServicesVault depoyed in case of LRS? Is there some algorithm about decision? (I was thinking about first resources used to be backed up, but you create RecoveryServicesVault in time when you do not configure any resources ... so it will not be such case). Also can you give me an advice where I can get information about zone in which it is deployed?

Thank you I have not found answer searching in official docs so far.


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Adam are you deploying the vault in the same region as your resources and trying to make sure they are not in the same Fault Domain? @AdamKolak-6034 

@Bryan HaslipYou aim exactely to our next decisions. Once we properly understand logic, we can make some other decisions as using GRS etc. We deploy service in West Europe Region which consists of 3 zones and I am not sure in which zone is service deployed. So I need to answer myself what happen in case of fail zone1, zone2 or zone3. Paas Zone redundant services are OK, but what about VM, VMs in availability groups etc (Scale sets are OK as per design). Thx for more information provided.