Azure backup - email alerts for INACTIVATED alerts?

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We use Azure backup to backup simple files/folders for clients.  We have a recovery services vault per customer, and use the Azure backup agent.  We have email alerts configured to send us notifications when the backup fails (hourly digest).


When a backup failure alert happens, we go in and check it, then inactivate the alert in the Azure portal.  A few days ago, we inactivated several alerts as usual.  Then we started getting email alerts over and over telling us the alert was inactivated, looks like this:


There are 3 alert(s) inactivated for Recovery Services vault, [vaultname]


We keep getting these repeatedly.  Super annoying, and don't really understand why you'd send an email notification telling me that the alerts were inactivated.  Maybe once, but not repeatedly.


I completely disabled email alerts, waited awhile, then turned them back on again.  We will see what happens, just weird.


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Well, after disable/enable, we're getting the same "Alerts inactivated" emails again.



This issue is because of recent regression. We are rolling out hotfix for this issue. I expect the issue to resolved in most of public geos. For national clouds, it will be done by tomorrow. We regret the inconvenience caused.