Azure Application Gateway/App Service + Secure Headers

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Im looking to create Security Headers (detailed above) from OWASP recommendations to An App service in Azure.


1) Is there a way to configure it on an App Service? Without doing the Web.Config.

2) I saw Azure application Gateway does the rewrite url. I tried to implement this

And nothing happen.


Could someone point me out to teh right direction? Is there an example would be awesome.

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@Dest1337 I did this today as a rewrite on the Application Gateway rewrite.



One point of caution (and I am not sure if Front Door handles that better): I have had a scenario where we were using a third party WAF and also setup adding a HSTS header. However, some of the websites set their own HSTS header, which resulted in a double HSTS header. This caused issues with some applications.

So either make sure headers are only added by Front Door (or whatever WAF/Reverse proxy) or add a rule to remove existing HSTS headers first