Azure Advisor | Reserved Instances recommendations | impact of existing reservations / orders

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Azure Advisor does a pretty good job of scanning VM inventory and recommend reservations / reserved instances. I am curious to understand if that takes into account any reservations / reservation orders that may be in place in the subscription already? I will like to think it does, but it is worth confirming. Otherwise, if it simply looks at the VMs and then recommends reservations, the savings estimate can be misleading. Any feedback from the team will be sincerely appreciated.

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as you have previously posted about Advisor and so keen to know if you could kindly confirm this.

@Sayan Ghosh Hello! I am a community manager for the Microsoft Tech Community. While I do sometimes share news, I am not a product expert so I won't be able to answer your queries. I'm happy to help if you have questions about the Microsoft Tech Community website, but not about specific products. Sorry about that.

@Sayan Ghosh, I am not part of the Azure Advisor product team. Therefore, I can't provide you a definitive answer. I can only share my experience so far. What I have seen is that reserved instance recommendations tend to disappear once customers actually buy those reservations, but I am not sure how long does it take for Advisor to take into account reservation orders.

Thanks @hspinto, that's sincerely appreciated. It's good to know it actually reads the reservation orders. I will post a question to the docs page to ask the product team about the timeframe for advisor to incorporate reservation orders.