Azure AD user folders with special characters

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When we add a user to AzureAd, if they have special characters in their name like "ã", the folder in "c:\" is created with those same characters, which causes some constraints on some internal platforms. Is it possible to prevent this from happening or configure it so that Azure use other fields to create the username folder? For example "Mail Nickname".


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Hi joao_ramos,

Microsoft 365 only checks user names against predefined characters that are not allowed and for length constraints. There is no other way than to be cautious or to modify your employee onboarding checklist.


@MathieuVandenHautte but we need our employees to have the correct name with all of those characters, on MS Teams, onedrive, outlook... and so on. If we change the way we do the onboarding, all of those platforms will suffer.


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Are  you concerning with login name, or display name, or both?

My concern is for both, we just don´t want for the local folder to have special characters.

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Does anyone have another solution?

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