Azure AD Sync Error 0xcaa10001 in access work or school settings

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Hi everyone


I have a problem with my AAD connection on my BYOD. Has anyone seen this error code and managed it to solve? It is an annoying error. Around 3-4 times a day I also get a toast notification that prompts me to fix the accounts I'm using on my device. Have a look on the attachments.


I have an Education and a Work Account and most times it works all but I want to solve this issue, so that the notification disappears. My BYOD is AADR, and I signed in first with my Work account so the policies from my work applies on the device. I can also make an RDP Connection to my AADJ Desktop at my work, so I think the registration process worked fine on my BYOD.


Also in the Apps that are using one or both of my business accounts I exprience no problems. I can't find any related discussions or docs to this error.


Btw I'm a Global Admin at my work so if anyone has a solution which requires admin privileges, I got it. Thanks for every reply <3

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Hi. Did you ever solve this please as I'm getting exactly the same error on my BYOD device and can't find anything about it online. Thanks.
Hi @OzOscroft,
Sadly I've found no solution for this problem. I'm no longer a student at my school, so this kinda "fixed" the issue cause I've no more access to my edu account. :frowning_face:
Thanks for the reply anyway @preuley30 - I'll keep on searching!