Azure AD SSO Logs for proffing

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HI All, 


i am not sure if this the right place to ask this question . 


i am trying to achieve SSO using azure ad service. i have below listed resources 

  • One Active directory server configured on Azure with domain name (
  • One Web Server joined in hosting multiple application on windows authentication, form authentications.
  • Azure AD service 
  • Azure ad connecter installed on Ad server mentioned in first step with password replication.
  • Azure Application proxy installed on web server  

all application hosted on webserver are visible on "" dashboard. 


Now i want to generate some logs to prove how my SSO configuration is working . i want to generate logs on resources such i can show complete flow of authentication and application access but i dont know how ?


please help ?


thanks in advance 

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You may want to check App proxy logs in Event Viewer:

Or from client side you can use Fiddler to track web traffic:

Thanks for reply , i did try that but could not find any related to this on event log :( 

I did try that but could not find anything related to this on event log

what about fiddler? did you give it a try?

Yes , fiddler did give me all redirects and application url , but i am also looking for complete flow log , i mean when it goes to azure ad service and application server and local AD server so that i can show complete flow in log. 


i hope i am looking for valid thing :)