Azure AD - Single Sgn-On for custom app

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Hi, we plan to develop a web application. For login and authentication we want to use Azure AD. We currently have a Microsoft 365 Business Standard license.
We are not sure whether our license is sufficient for our project and what requirements must be met.

Does anyone have experience with custom apps that use SSO?

Looking forward to any support. Many thanks in advance

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SSO is a core IAM feature so even if you have free License . 

But in this page : Pricing - Active Directory | Microsoft Azure


Microsoft add some important informations 

2 With Azure AD Free end users who have been assigned access to SaaS apps can get unlimited SSO access to cloud apps. On-premises applications require Azure AD Application Proxy or secure hybrid partnerships integrations available with Azure AD P1 and P2.


In my opinion if your web app is hosted  in Azure it's fine .If not you will need to have P1 or P2 licencse and the link above can help you to decide what to choose.

@ibrahimambodjithank your for your answer.


Yes, we want to hoste the Software in Azure.

Can anyone confirm that SSO authentication then works or has even already tried this with a Microsoft 365 Business Standard license?

And if this is not possible, does every user need the P1 license or only the administrator?