Azure AD - Powershell getting AD Group of Source Cloud

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Hey Everyone,

I am trying to find out if it is possible to get an AAD group of Source Cloud only using Powershell? Get-AzADGroup does not look like it sis giving this capability and after getting one of the groups I cannot see any property that will match the Group Source type. Would you be able to help?



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Hi Wojtek,


using PoSh you can filter on the attributes 


to get the cloud created groups.

A direct filter on the source is only available in the GUI, but this only offers "Windows server AD" at the moment.

One suggestion in PoSh:

Get-AzureADGroup -All $true | where-Object {$_.DirSyncEnabled -like ""}


Great, thanky ou for the tips. This is what I was looking for.