Azure AD - outlook-user - problem with multible azure ad directorys

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Hello, I have a question to the Azure AD Directorys. I created a Teams (free) some days ago and with these a new directory on azure ad was created (for the company-name I set eg. 

I invited my collegues to this teams organization and all collegues are listed in the azure ad directory of the company name. 

My problem is now, my account is not listed in this directory because I'm listed in the default directory of azure. 

If I want to connect the company azure ad directory with azure devops I got the message I'm not in this directory (and its rigth) and because of that we cant connect azure ad with azure devops. 


So, how we can tranfer or migrate my user from the default directory to the directory which is connected to teams?


To delete the azure ad default directory wasn't also an option, because I get the error message the current user is not in this mandantory. But I can see the user I'm logged in currently in the user list of the default ad. I can't delete this last user. 


May I dont't understand the process at the moment, please help me here. Thanks . 

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@Patchfox What is your role for default directory. Have you create this. It may be that you are not in admin role of azure AD , is the reason you are not accessible. Try to add yourself and as admin then try it again. Hope it will work.



@azurespecialist Thanks. The AAD was automatically created. I don't no when but I didn't create it by myself. 

I will check how I can change my user to an admin role.