Azure AD Connect 2.0 - to support Windows Server Core


Would it be possible to consider support for Windows Server Core installation option for Azure AD Connect?


In my mind

- the tool is mostly (remotely) used via its PowerShell Module

- the required SQL (Express) is not an issue to run on WS Core

- It would be great if the GUI parts (if not already) would be based on .net Forms instead on Windows Forms, so even the GUI Tools would work without issues

- Azure AD Connect + SQL Service accounts (feasible group managed service accounts - gMSA) are compatible with WS Core

- scheduled tasks required for Azure AD connect are supported on WS Core

- .net 4.6.2 or later is required for Azure AD Connect anyway, so this would make it feasible to check if the GUI tools would already be compatible. From my experience parts where a tool would call Explorer browsing processes would be broken (as it is within SQL Setup in GUI Mode).


What do you think about it? 


- reduced attack surface

- faster and fewer Windows updates

- reduced (virtual) hardware footprint, while maintaining the requirements of CPU and RAM according to the AD DS size

@Elden Christensen 

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