Azure AD Connect 2.0 - to support Windows Server 2022


Can anyone tell when Windows Server 2022 will be supported for Azure AD Connect 2.0? 


According to Windows Server 2019 remains the last fully supported OS for now, since WS 2016 is already in extended support and as such should be unfeasible in a quite dynamic cloud connectivity scenario.


Also, the docs mention this:


  • Azure AD Connect must be installed on a domain-joined Windows Server 2019 or later [?] - note that Windows Server 2022 is not yet supported.
    You can deploy Azure AD Connect on Windows Server 2016 but since WS2016 is in extended support, you may require a paid support program if you require support for this configuration.

source: Azure AD Connect: Prerequisites and hardware - Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Learn

fyi @Elden Christensen 

Thank you very much for your time and investigations in advance!

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