Azure AD & Adaxes as a hybrid setup

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Hi! I have a setup where i use Azure AD & Adaxes in a hybrid setup, and I'm having trouble getting password policy to be reflected in Azure.


Password conditions are set in Adaxes, and I have tried to copy the same settings for my Azure setup, but I'm still having some issues.


When the password expires in Adaxes, it expires in Azure as well, but when I try to work with an expired password, I'm able to do so, as long as I don't authenticate towards Adaxes. So the password expires on both solutions, but I'm able to log on to everything besides Adaxes services.

Is this due to tokens and such, or am I missing something?

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Forgot to mention that I've tried to activate Passthrough in order to get this problem solved, but the results are still the same, but I've kind of landed on Tokens and their expiration date to maybe be the issue.