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Hi, I setup a number of azure accounts as I was demonstrating how you could make money by mining crypto using a virtual machine, I thought this would be the best way to go about it but I failed to read the terms and conditions and now I find myself locked locked out of several accounts with no way that I can see to contact Azure.   


Anyway, I appreciate this is my own doing I but I need to find a way to to unlock these accounts, unfortunately as I used my same mobile number for all of the accounts I have exceeded the number of times can have the unlock code sent to me.


Is there a way I can contact Microsoft to get these unlocked as I am worried that these accounts will continue mining until the free credit has gone and I will start being charged for the resources being used? 


Your help is very much appreciated.  

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@thewelshone  I think you can try to reach Azure Support team on Twitter @azuresupport


They should be able to guide you out of this situation.